vitetris in 2-player mode

My famous text-mode Tetris clone which I wrote for the Linux terminal, doing everything "by hand" (e.g. printing escape sequences). It should now compile fine on any Unix-like system, and there are even versions for Windows (and DOS!).

vitetris homepage


Virtual MIDI keyboard


A simple program to play instruments with the computer keyboard. I first used Virtual Keyboard, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I wrote this thing, which has only the most important features and gives you full control from the keyboard.

Wiki engine in Perl

A very simple Wiki engine with no authentication (anybody can edit pages), no history or logging of any kind. Titles are not case sensitive, and UTF-8 (└– , Latin-1 Supplement letters), Windows-1252 and character entity references are normalized to their ASCII equivalents. Which means that "Sn÷frid Lilja" and "SnoefrÝd lilja" gives the same page.

You may do whatever you like with the code.

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